My number one homie, Brittany.
I look mental
I guess you could say I’m a cutie,
Late nights and empty thoughts.

literally all my selfies look the same.

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I’m secretly hella gay

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No but can you just imagine Mrs Weasley getting to the magical afterlife one day and the first thing she sees is a girl with red hair sprinting towards her.

For a fleeting moment she thinks it’s Ginny, but as the girl comes closer she recognises the kind smile and the emerald eyes that are shining with tears. It’s Lily Potter.

Lily pulls Mrs Weasley into a tight hug and can only whisper three words before dissolving into tears.

"Thank you, Molly."

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So my experience at Mayhem wasn’t posted here and i thought it needed to be.
w/ Allison

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i was labelling stuff today and this lady scoffed at me and i was like hi and she was like writing with ur left hand is immoral. its 2014 and someone actually said that to my face

Writing with ur left hand is fine but having a URL like that is definitely not

i can’t even argue w that tbh

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she’s beauty and she’s grace, she dropped her phone on her face

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after watching anaconda



oh the nineties

i know right that dress is terrible

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Does it freak anybody else out that Ansel Elgort’s dad used to look like Gibby from iCarly